Saturday, July 28, 2007

In Defense of Michael Vick

A group of angry white people screamed at Michael Vick as he made his way to court a couple of days ago. They yelled, "Go to Hell!" They wished death upon Michael Vick and compared him to a dog. Why were these irrational white people so angry, was Michael Vick accused of raping and killing a white woman? No. Dog fighting. That's right, this thinly veiled racism was due to alleged dog fighting on Michael Vick's property.

These angry white people didn't care about justice, they subconsciously saw a black man doing well for himself and pounced on him with no regard for one of our foundational principles: innocent until proven guilty. At least Vick was charged with a crime, unlike Adam "Pacman" Jones- the latter is suspended for a year from the NFL. Neither has been convicted. Vick was accused of hiding marijuana in a water bottle earlier this year. He turned out to be falsely accused. I guess that can't happen twice.

I can't believe people would get so upset over dog fighting anyway. I didn't even know it was a crime. When I think of dog fighting, I think of a few words: hilarious, entertaining, competitive. Not: felony.

My policy towards animals is: don't bother me and I won't bother you. That's a better policy than some of these animal rights fanatics who are convinced their dogs are just like people. I would never put a bonnet on an animal. Your animal doesn't want to wear a bonnet, it's not a person. Listen, your dog can't tell you, "I love you," it's just a stupid fucking dog! I'm not talking about your average person with a pet, I'm talking about these crazy delusional assholes, who would risk their lives so their poor dog wouldn't have to feel one ounce of pain. They're obsessive love of dogs skews their reality towards people and they don't realize their own bigotry. Remember Hitler loved animals too.

Good article by Dan Wetzel: Racial Divide


Anonymous said...

dog fighting is awful

knibilnats said...

especially if it's a rich black man being accused, right?

it's too bad for michael vick that he didn't kill a black person instead, no one would have cared.