Friday, June 29, 2007

2007 NBA Draft Recap

Me: Just before the Bobcats picked they went to commercial and the theme song for the draft was 'It ends tonight'...
My brother (very disappointed): Oh no.
Me: ... and you're still a Bobcats fan, they picked Brandan Wright.

Not Joakim Noah. The Bobcats later traded Wright for Jason Richardson. Though Stephen A. Smith doesn't like the trade, I do. If they can resign Wallace, they'll have a couple of outstanding versatile players surrounded by a lot of good young talent.

I'm on record as saying that Durant end up better than Oden, but I think they'll both be great. Seattle got Durant and Jeff Green via trade, both from Maryland (the state not the university obviously). Seattle probably won't make the playoffs this year, but they'll be very good in a few years. Boston got Ray Allen and that very well may put them in the bottom tier of playoff teams.

Picks I especially liked (for that spot):
Oden, Durant, Conley, Jeff Green.

Corey Brewer found a perfect fit if the Wolves keep KG. I like Brewer next to KG and Foye. They still need a lot more, but it's a start. Julian Wright is a great fit with the Hornets who had injuries and inconsistency at forward last year. Chris Paul will only make Wright better. Nick Young is a good fit for the Wizards, who granted do need a big post threat. But another offensive threat at the 2 guard is nice.

Daequan Cook, but not crazy about the fit in Miami. Fazekas could be another Matt Bullard (10 years in the league front he 2nd round is nice). Big Baby Davis won't be great, but worth a second round pick. Taurean Green will have an NBA career from the 52nd pick. D.J. Strawberry will also have an NBA career from the 59th spot.

Picks I don't like:
Spencer Hawes is this generation's Todd MacCulloch. Thaddeus Young doesn't fit in Philly and will be a bust. Fellow Yellow Jacket Javaris Crittenton won't be much either and doesn't work with the Lakers.

I like Al Horford, but I don't think he'll be able to turn around the Hawks with their current roster. The Hawks pegged Acie Law and got him. I like him too, but he's not the right pick for Atlanta, unless they get a good veteran point guard to start now.

Yi Jianlian should be a good player and I'm interested to see how he'll play with Milwaukee and Bogut. The key for the Bucks is Michael Redd's health and who will be their point guard?

I thought there will be a small chance that Brandan Wright won't be a bust. With Golden State, he won't be. It's just a perfect fit. Conversely, I like Al Thornton, but he seems like a smaller worse version of Elton Brand.

The Knicks:
We traded for Zach Randolph, Fred Jones, and Dan Dickau. It looks great on paper. How is anybody going to guard the low post duo of Eddy Curry and Randolph? We need a true point guard off the bench and I'm high on Fred Jones as a reserve. But Randolph was a 20-10 guy on a team that stunk. Will he help the Knicks win or just put up numbers? He's also had off the court problems. So I have reservations about Randolph, but it's still an upgrade.

We gave up Channing Frye, who had a terrible year. Sad to see him go, but this would be the time to see him leave. Most importantly we got rid of Steve Francis! The air is sweeter and my dark nights have been replaced by sunshine. We drafted Wilson Chandler who could be a nice role player.

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