Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Taliban and Slim Jims

In the winter of 2001, during the heightened portion of the war in Afghanistan, experts predicted that the Taliban would disband, regroup, and come back and fight in a few years. Bush ignored this advice and ended the military campaign within two months of its start.

Now the Taliban are returning. In addition to powerful anti-American warlords (or provincial governors- if you're not racist) and al Qaeda members (remember them?) , the return of the Taliban has made Afghanistan far more dangerous than Iraq, according to American soldiers interviewed on CNN. Don't forget about the disaster that has been our presence in Afghanistan when you're voting this Tuesday or any other day for that matter.

Slim Jim has inexplicably introduced a new military camouflage design for its package. Slim Jim, owned by ConAgra Foods Inc., has not offered any percentage of its profits to help the families of military personnel. They have pledged to hunt the fictional "snapalope" but I just don't think that's the same thing. So, basically, this is exploitation of military symbols. Shameless. ConAgra Foods is a major contributor to the Republican party (well, that could be true I suppose).


Anonymous said...

That whole Slim Jim thing is a pretty big stretch...don't you think?

knibilnats said...

Do you have stock in ConAgra Foods or something?

AnonymousBlogger said...

I read a book called "Fast Food Nation" a year or two ago. I learned then of the evil ConAgra is involved in.

This doesn't surprise me. I mean, thye could easily turn this into a great PR move by donating just a tiny portion to the troops, but no. Shame on them.