Sunday, November 26, 2006

Leave Us Out Of It

Adam Sandler sardonically sung, "O.J. Simpson, not a Jew." Well, neither is Michael Richards.

The worst part of Michael Richards' racist rant was that it shifted the dialogue on racism in America back to a place where we thought we had passed. Most of us know that you don't scream out slurs at someone, not due to political correctness (looking at you Andy Rooney), but because it's wrong and it's hurtful. I'm all for calling people out because of who they are (a jerk, an asshole, a vicious racist), but I'm not for calling people out for what they are.

Somehow the Jews have been brought into this fiasco. Specifically, many have "accused" Michael Richards of being Jewish. He's not. He's a high-ranking Freemason, a member of the Scottish Rite, and was raised Catholic. His name is Michael Anthony Richards. Ok, Michael is a Jewish name, but it's also a gentile name. No Jews have the name "Anthony" anywhere in their name; sorry, we don't do that. And Richards is not a Jewish name. There are no Richardsbergs or Richardsteins for Jews to shorten to Richards in order to impress the gentiles.

The unbelievable part of this is that a white male goy goes on a crazy rant and suddenly its pinned to a Jew. How did we get blamed for this one? Paul Rodriguez, for some reason, has decided that Michael Richards is Jewish. You know, somewhere Hitler is smiling- a Latino falsely claims that the [white gentile] guy who screamed hate at black people is a Jew. What the fuck?! THEY did it to us again.

Here's another twist. Cosmo Kramer, the character that Michael Richards played on Seinfeld, is not even Jewish. He was based on Jerry Seinfeld's Jewish friend and was originally supposed to be Jewish, as were George and Elaine. But network executives felt the show was too Jewish and changed the identity of everyone but Jerry (source David Zurawick "The Jews of Primetime").
Damn, you didn't think I had sources and shit, did ya!



The Jew is, according to Islamic
Kiddie Cartoons, the Monkey & Pig.
Little Satan.

The USA is, The Great Satan. They have a complex plan to bring about
Armegeddon, followed by 1000 years
of Peace. The Madhi, 12th Imam, will rule with Sharia (Law). Women
will don the Black Burka, and men
will face Mecca to pray, five times
each day. That may cut into the tailgate parties at the game!

Bombs detonate in Bombay, Madrid,
London, Bali, and we have 9/11.

They have underground Nuke Factories in IRAN for 18 years.

We worry about Britney Spears & Maddona French-Kissing on Camera,
a Comedian Insulting People, and
O.J. Simpson pimping a book.

Who's Crazy? The Suicide Bomber,
or is it us? reb

AnonymousBlogger said...

Well said first of all.

And for some reason, seeing your label of "Jew" for your post made me laugh. It shouldn't have, but it did. Thank you.