Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The President

I'm not going to take the time to berate President Bush for his mishandling of the hurricane crisis in the Gulf Coast of the US. It wouldn't mean much coming from a Leftist Commie Jew such as myself. It would simply be seen as yet another opportunity to capitalize on the President's mistakes and further my own abortion-loving agenda.

We all know where I stand on Mr. Bush's actions; I don't need to criticize him. Of course, I was behind him after the attacks of September 11, 2001 (standard response to have any credibility in America, though true for me until about the 15th). I won't discuss my disagreement with the Afghan war. That war has been a huge success in several areas, I will admit. The first is to effectively "move" the Taliban and al-Queda to Pakistan where they can stay safely. Pakistan, being our ally, is free from a potential US attack, and is home to a percentage of Taliban and al-Queda supporters. The war also solidified the lawlessness pervasive in Afghanistan, though Kabul is relatively more stable (relative to what?).

It wouldn't do any good for me to argue against the Iraq war. The war has been a potentially genius plot to prevent an attack on America's soil and only sacrifice the Iraqi people and poor American soldiers in the process. Of course, allowing militant Islamists to consolidate and put aside their differences is a bit dangerous. I don't much care for the logic of turning a stable (though repressive) nation-state into a chaotic mess on the verge of civil war. But I guess that chaos is simply democratic "growing-pains."

I will not debate the extreme moral threat that two men or two women sharing a loving monogamous relationship pose to the world. Unlike Mr. Bush, I see monogamy as more of a "good thing" rather than the destruction of the modern family.

Also the inhumanity and utter illogic of the death penalty, a device that Mr. Bush used quite frequently as Governor of Texas, will not be a topic of discussion.

Thus, I do not see the point of reprimanding Mr. Bush for his apathy to the point of disdain for American citizens who are black and poor. It is clear that the fear that the Bush administration has engulfed this country with has hardened its citizens to the point where there are so many potentially fatal dangers that we can't possibly pay attention to them all. The residents of the Gulf Coast, had they been provided the means to do so (as the federal government should), most likely would have stayed put anyway. Not because of stupidity, but because of poverty (since the federal government never effectively attempted to evacuate the region's poorer citizens) and an ambivalence to impending doom. There's always something getting ready to kill us (terrorists, diseases, etc.), but how do we know which is real and which is simply hype?

Mr. Bush has not only been the leader of this fear campaign, but simply put, failed to act quickly and effectively enough to save human lives. The lives of American citizens. Instead, he continued his vacation and gave speeches on far less pressing issues. I'm glad I didn't talk about any of those topics, because then you might know how I really feel.

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