Monday, July 11, 2005

A Tragedy Like London

When any human dies it is a tragedy. Let's see if you care when the tragedy hits Africa and not London...

Rwandan rebels kill 26 in eastern Congo - aid workers

"A Congolese government official quoted rebels as putting the death toll at 76 from the attack, saying it was carried out on Saturday to punish villagers for supporting U.N. troops seeking to expand their presence in the country's South Kivu province.

"Rwandan Hutu militias, many of whom fled after conducting the 1994 genocide in their homeland, have long been active in eastern Congo, prompting Rwanda to invade its huge neighbour twice to try to neutralise them

"Earlier this year, the FDLR vowed to lay down its weapons and return to Rwanda. But none of the fighters have left and the group has been accused of collaborating with Congolese gunmen in kidnapping and extortion rackets in South Kivu."

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