Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Knock Knock

I don't often joke with my students, but yesterday I decided to try and bring a little levity in an uncertain world.

Me: Knock knock

8 year old: (excitedly) Who's there?

Me: What does it matter? We're all just insignificant specs living on a tiny planet where certain segments of humanity fail to celebrate or value our species' different identities, but instead fear them. A world where we care more about how others' actions affect us rather than how our actions affect others. A country where facts and reality hold less authority than the narrative of the powerful. Where political persuasion matters more than competency. So, no, the revelation of a potential visitor for the sake of sophomoric word play matters little at this juncture.

8 year old: (sobs uncontrollably)

I've been granted a one-week leave of absence.

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