Thursday, December 15, 2016

New NFL Format Update

Check out last week's explanation of a potentially much fairer division breakdown in the NFL.

Current AFC standings:
1) NE 11-2
2) KC 10-3
3) Pit 8-5
4) Hou 7-6
5) Oak  10-3
6) Den 8-5

AFC in New Format:
1) NE 11-2
2) KC 10-3
3) Oak 10-3
4) Pit 8-5
5) Den 8-5
6) Mia 8-5

Right now, Oakland would have to travel to Houston in the Wild Card round to face a team with 3 fewer wins! The new format is much fairer. It also would be more exiting. Seven teams are between 8-5 and 6-7 and would all have a shot at the last 3 playoff spots. As it is, the Colts at 6-7 have a significantly better chance to make the playoffs as the 4th seed than Buffalo at 6-7 does as the 6th seed, which makes no sense.

Current NFC standings:
1) Dal 11-2
2) Det 9-4
3) Sea 8-4-1
4) Atl 8-5
5) NYG 9-4
6) Tam 8-5

NFC in New Format:
1) Dal 11-2
2) Det 9-4
3) NYG 9-4
4) Sea 8-4-1
5) Atl 8-5
6) Tam 8-5

The Giants just beat the best team in the league. They did not improve their seed in the current format and have virtually no hope of finishing better than the 5th seed because of the absurdity of the current format. That means the Giants wouldn't get a home game int he Wild Card round even if they went 12-4 as long as Dallas wins or ties one game. In the new format, the Giants moved up to 4th and could realistically finish as high as 3rd. The new format is much fairer.

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