Saturday, July 16, 2016

DC to San Diego

At BWI, we were asked to take off our belts in order to go through security. While I was in the scanning machine, a TSA agent asked me to "pull up my wasteband." I thought: Why'd you ask we to take off my belt if didn't want my pants to fall down!

We flew Southwest. They have a policy that you cant wait in line for the front bathroom, which meant there was no way I could go, because I'd have to climb over two people and race somebody to have any chance of going. It was  ridiculous. The terrorists have done a really shitty job killing Americans or threatening our nation's existence, but they've succeeded in making us lokking stupid with all of our silly hypocritical new rules.

Our hotel was just accross the street fromnthe airport, but we had trouble finding a pedestrian walkway. We made it, but I was quickly disappointed. The Sheraton has lots of amenities and spacious rooms, but we don't take advantage of amenities and we're small people, so we don't need a big room. I'd rather have a fridge, a microwave, and a bidet. Basically, I'd rather be in Japan.

The only offers Gatorade for $4.50, a candy bar for $3.50, and a liter of water for $9! I wouldn't pay that much for water if it was laced with the late Theodore Bikel's sweat.

We then walked to Petco Park to watch the Giants face the Padres. There were so many Giants fans, it must've felt like a home game for them.

In the park, there are two elevators with giants sign that say give people with disabilities priority. Instead, a group of jerkoffs skipped the line and jumped on the elevator. I yelled at them about it and told them to get off. A mothe  with her young daughter started to get off, but they weren't at fault, it wa  the froup behind them. They didn't get off. I walked away suggesting that they learn to read.

Just then the other elevator opened up and we actually beat the first elevator tobthe upperdeck. Justice! I turned and told them, "And we beat you!"

The scoreboard was really into the fact that San Diego isvin the state of California. It shiwed "California girls" an  there was Hotel California karaoke among other things.

On the walk home, we noticed lots of lights. Many were red, white, and blue. Judging by the paterns they could've been for France in the wake of the Nice attack. There weren't any commemorations for Turkey in the wake of the dead coup attempt.

Conan is apparently hosting his show from Comic Con soon. His face is everywhere. San Diegans do not ja walk, which is weird. They don't anticipate lights changing and they walk slowly, even compared to me.

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