Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Okinawa to Tokyo

In Okinawa there are places where you can block a lane and park on the street. So other cars have to jut out against traffic to ho around the parked car. There are as lso different license plates for locals and Americans. Americans have a Y on their plate.

We made it to the airport in Naha an hour and 45 minutes early. Nothing about "approval" and our pass was flagged indicating we needed special assistance. But the it took well over an hour for the Jetstar crew to fill out the proper forms and make a ton of calls. We were surely going to miss our flight, expect the plane didn't arrive on time. So we were the first to board at 12:45.

We weren't able to eat as a result of the bureaucratic mess with the electric scooter. We were quite frustrated. The women behind the desk worked hard and quickly. Japan needs to do better by people who have electric wheelchairs/scooters.

We took a lift off the plane an  got the scooter and our checked bag. Then we were on our way to the train, when I realized I left Candace's red jacket in the overhead bin. We asked, an  at one point one of the workers who had seen the mess from when we tried to get on the plane to Okinawa saw us and had a moment of panic. The plane had left, so we lost the jacket.

We took a train to Ueno. It took a long time and we were starving. Candace downed some pastries. I munched on some burgers that tasted suspiciously like pork sausage. We manage  to find our hotel. It was closer to the firdt hotel in Asakusa than I would like.

We felt bad and relaxed in the tiny hotel room. This has been our first less than accessible hotel. After a while I picked up some more green tea chocolate-almost as good sweet potato kit kats. I went to a restaurant an  pointed at a picture, which turned out to be shaved beef and rice. We ate some cookies we got in Okinawa. The purple yam flavor is our favorite.

Candace watched a Japanese show where the contestants were shown sad stories and if they cried, they lost. It would have been real sad if we understood Japanese, but we don't, so it was funny.

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