Thursday, December 17, 2015

New NFL Format Standings after Week 14

Current AFC Standings
1) NE 11-2
2) Cin 10-3
3) Den 10-3
4) Indy 6-7
5) KC 8-5
6) NYJ 8-5

AFC in New Format
1) NE 11-2 (up one game over NorthEast rival Cin)
2) Den 10-3 (leading SouthWest)
3) Cin 10-3
4) KC 8-5
5) NYJ 8-5
6) Pit 8-5

Simple math tells us that the current system doesn't work. A 6-7 team makes the playoffs because it is beating up on the other mediocre teams in its division while a n 8-5 team is out of the playoffs because it is in a tough division. There's no logic to it. There would be two out of two division races at the highest level. The 8-5 teams would be fighting for a home field game int he Wild Card round instead of the right to play the terrible AFC South winner on the road. The new format is a fairer and more exciting system.

Current NFC Standings
1) Car 13-0
2) Ari 11-2
3) GB 9-4
4) Was 6-7
5) Sea 8-5
6) Min 8-5

NFC in New Format
1) Car 13-0 (clinched the SouthEast)
2) Ari 11-2 (up 2 games over NorthWest rival GB)
3) GB 9-4
4) Sea 8-5
5) Min 8-5
6) Was 6-7

Instead of a race to see who wins the NFC East and gets a home game in the playoffs, every 6-7 team would have an equal shot at the last playoff spot. There are 5 6-7 teams in the NFC and 3 more 5-8 teams, but only 3 of those 8 teams have a legitimate shot of making the playoffs under the current format. If the NFL switched the new format (the AFC North and East are in one division and the South and West are in another; in the NFC the South and East are together and the North and West are together) all 8 teams would be playing for that last spot. The NFC would not only be more exciting, but fairer as well.

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