Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Tallinn to DC

We woke of at the crack of dawn in Estonia, whch is ridiculously early over there. We checked in at the airport and well, checked in and checked in. EstonianAir didn't quite know what to do with the scooter. At one point, the woman behind the desk asked how much it weighed. I froze. I completely forgot how to convert pounds into kilograms and muttered incomprehensibly. Candace spoke up and said, "One hundred pounds!" The woman had the same frozen look I had just had. Eventually someone had the bright idea to actually weigh the scooter.

We finally made it on the plane. I told a flight attendant that I wanted to check a bag. She had no idea what that meant. The flight to Copenhagen was rough. I got quite motion sick.

Our wait in Copenhagen was long. Candace got some sleep; I got less. I still like the trees in the airport.

I'm not a fan of SAS airlines. The entertainment starts at the same time for everyone. There should be morecuser control. They started the entertainment late and ended it early. The food was not good and I usually like the food on international flights. For the second meal, it was a ham sandwhich or nothing. As a Jew, I chose nothing. The flight was also bumpy despite clear skies.

Waiting for the scooter after we land can be nervewracking. We're more calm after a few go rounds. At first, everyone is real concerned about getting the scooter to us as quickly as possible. When that proves difficult, everyone washes their hands of it and only the attendant who pushes the airport's wheelchair is left. Luckily, we got a good one who was on the case.

The passport and customs officials were only concerned with whether or not we had traveled to West Africa in the past 30 days. It was cool to only have to fill out one custom declaration form since we're a family now. DC brought us Baltic-like weather. We took a taxi home an  I nearly threw up due to his continuous slamming on the brakes in traffic on the beltway.

But we made it home, completing the best honeymoon anyone could have hoped for.

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