Saturday, May 30, 2015

In Vilnius

We started our day with mediocre Indian food and tucked away Jewish sites. The Jewish monuments and memorials are a bit hard to find. We saw a memorial to Gaon Elijahu Ben Shlomo Zalman and an old synagogue. The other historical sites are well signed but the Choral synagogue was the only Jewish place that had signs directing people to it.

We were looking for the Holocaust exhibition when it started to pour. It wasn't quite like a romantic movie where we were kissing in the rain. We both were trying to keep the other one dry and save the scooter and the camera. But we had different ideas about how to do that and the rain kept coming down harder.

The rain quickly quieted down, but didn't quite relent. We waited it out, and the searched the museum some more. When we found it, it occurred to us that it was Shabbat, so the museum was closed. We did get to see two monuments around the exhibition house. One was dedicated to the Dutch ambassador who saved Jews and the other was dedicated to the Japanese consulate who gave visas to Jews.

We took a break to dry off and went back out a bit later. We caught a couple of panoramic views and saw some stunning churches. We visited the faux republic of Uzupis with its ridiculous constitution. Then we had a delicious dinner.

This is a unique time in Lithuania. They've just changed over to the euro, so two currencies show up on the receipts. In all of the Baltics, restaurants have a weird portable credit card machine. There's always an awkward moment when we declare to the waiter that we're paying with a credit card. There's no place to leave a tip so it helps to have some cash.

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