Sunday, January 18, 2015

Scottie Dockens, a UBF Journey Continues

I'm Scottie Dockens, and I'm a boxing champion. I hold a belt in the UBF. Last night I won my 13th fight. I knocked out Carlos the 300 pound Mexican. I knocked him out cold. He wasn't wearing padding and it wasn't a sparring session.

So-called UBF pound for pound #1 Charlie Zelenoff believes that he's the best boxer int he UBF because he spars with people and declares himself victor after about ten seconds. I actually knocked Carlos out. He was twitching on the ground like he was twerking to a Brittney Spears song. I'm 13-0 and I want to smash Charlie's face in. He's crude and flaunts the rules of the UBF. Scottie Dockens is coming for you Charlie.

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