Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Trip to San Francisco

When people tell you that San Francisco is hilly, they're not lying. When they tell you it's nice, they're leaving out the garbage and graffiti in the downtown area. We walked to Golden Gate Park, which was no stroll in the park. We passed something called Japantown and many churches. The park was filled with attractions, but we only saw the flower conservatory. I sat next to a couple that was in their 50s or 60s that had an insult for nearly everyone who walked by them. Except, the woman, who looked like a typical Midwestern housewife said as two 20-something girls passed by, "Hi girls. Who are those pretty girls? Let's chase them."

Then we tried to walk up to the Golden Gate Bridge which turned out to be a difficult proposition. From there we were, the highway was the most direct way to the bridge, but since we were walking, that wouldn't work.

We walked through a windy trail. A friendly construction worker helped us out and told where to go. But my girlfriend's electric wheelchair began to ran out of power. So we found ashed by a gold course and spent a half hour charging the chair. After some arguing about which direction to go and a policeman who stopped and tried to help us find the bridge, we made it... just as the fog rolled in.

The height of the bridge still scared the hell out of me. The fog was so thick, you couldn't even see the structure above the bridge. We finally got off and then made our way back to we had no idea where. On the way, we walked in between a heated argument between two bicyclists. One muscular man kept cussing out the other bearded man. The muscular man had a lot of bluster, but a small woman easily held him back from engaging in fisticuffs.

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