Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bills are 2-2

The Bills beat the defending champion Baltimore Ravens today. E.J. Manuel has shown a lot of promise in his four games in the NFL.

Manuel is a very accurate passer with a good arm. One issue he has is a mild case of Rob Johnson's disease. For those who don;t know, that means Manuel holds the ball too long and gets sacked too often. He also needs to learn to vary the speed on his passed. Twice in recent weeks, he gunned a fastball at a receiver who was too close to him. One resulted in an interception.

But Manuel does his best to take care of the ball and isn't too antsy to flee the pocket when a receiver isn't open right away. He doesn't try to force things either. So far, I like Manuel's progression. It helps that he has a good, albeit injured, defense and a strong running game.

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