Thursday, May 09, 2013

Knicks Even Things

In danger of losing two games at home, the Knicks once again came out strong. Carmelo Anthony had his first game of the playoffs shooting at least 50%. He hit on half his shots and scored 32 points.

The Pacers hung tough, closing the Knicks' nine point lead after one to five by the half. Paul George bounced back from a tough first game to score 20, but he got little help. New York, on the other hand, was efficient offensively. The Knicks shot nearly 50% and committed only 6 turnovers.

Conversely, The Pacers turned the ball over a whopping 21 times. If the Knicks can capitalize on Indiana's lack of a point guard, New York will have a good shot at taking this series. Anthony will have to make up his mind, however. He better make half his shots or get his teammates involved. His play in the playoffs has been disappointing, despite the high point totals. That's due to his focus on isolation ball and taking the air out of the ball at the top of the key. The offense stalls and Anthony is left to try to hit a tough shot at the buzzer. Because he's great, some go in, but it's not a way to beat the Pacers consistently.

The game was still close heading into the fourth. That;s when the Knicks piled on, winning the quarter 33-13 and the game 105-79.Every starter shot 50% over better and only J.R. Smith was inefficient among the Knicks who took at least five shots. He was a miserable 3 for 15.

The Knicks even the series at one. For some reason, Game Three isn't until Saturday night. The way the NBA stretches out the postseason kills the momentum of each series. This is something the NBA needs to correct for next season.

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