Thursday, May 02, 2013

Gone Cold

The Knicks scorers were ice cold against the Celtics at home. Coming off of a one game suspension, J.R. Smith missed his first ten shots from the field. Carmelo Anthony hit only a third of his 24 shots.

The Knicks raced to an 11-0 lead, but the Celtics all but erased the lead by the end of the first. Boston went into halftime with a six point lead. Smith and Anthony continued to shoot and rely on isolation plays. Meanwhile, the Celtics held onto and even extended the lead.

Boston relied on balanced scoring. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, and Jason terry all scored between 16 and 18 points. Terry was particularly hot in the 4th. Raymond Felton again showed that he could be trusted with the ball, when Anthony and Smith were willing to give it up. Felton shot 10 for 19 for 21 points.

The Knicks began hitting threes late in the fourth, but it was way too late at that point. The Knicks lost 92-86, but the score was closer than the game. Boston has narrowed the Knicks' series lead to 3-2.

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