Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Charles Barkley and Jason Collins

In the wake of NBA player Jason Collins coming out as a gay man, Charles Barkely had some insightful comments, "Kenny [Smith] talks about it all the time, us being black... we've got to always be for tolerance acceptance."

As a Jew, I agree completely. My people have experienced degradation, discrimination, and persecution. We too must always be on the side of inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance.

Barkley continued, "Some people [are] not going to like this. I think they should have the right to express that. We should not crucify them. I disagree with them and it's alright to disagree. But we live in this thing where anybody who comes out against this will be crucified and I think that's unfair."

I agree that people have the right to speak out against gay people. But this is not a question of political differences. This is a difference between tolerance and intolerance, acceptance and repudiation. Those who cast bigotry towards Jason Collins because he is gay should be challenged. Intolerance should not be accepted.

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