Saturday, April 20, 2013

Knicks Take Playoff Opener

Despite injuries to their big men and big games from the Celtics' Jeff Green and Paul Pierce, the Knicks stormed passed Boston in the fourth quarter. Carmelo Anthony hit his first four shots and led the Knicks to a hot start early, but then went cold and continued to shoot.

Boston quickly made it close and it remained so throughout the first half. Green scored the majority of his 26 points in that first half. Pierce was more of a distributor early and a scorer int he second half. Tyson Chandler struggled in the first half and barely played int he second. Kenyon Martin took his place and made a thrilling block. J.R. Smith was effective from the field. He flushed a rim shaker over Green after exploding into the lane.

The Celtics took a 7 points lead in the fourth. But Anthony caught fire. He ended with 36 points. Martin added 10 and Smith 15. Anthony's adjustment offensively and hot three-point shooting helped the fourth quarter surge.

The Knicks won 85-78 to take a one game lead.

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