Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hills Have Hills

We walked a ton today. It didn't seem that steep a climb to 3rd circle until we took a taxi back. That' s a good description if Amnan. A huge hill seems flat compared to the adjacent ginormous hills. We passed a few convenience stores that catered to Pinoys. We saw pictures of King Abdullah in most of the stores. His face is prevalent but not ubiquitous. I prefer him without the mustache, when he looks like a young William Shatner. He looks a little squirrelly with the upper lip fuzz.

We at at an Indian restaurant called Indian Restaurant. We made a plan to get into Israel on the cheap using an Israeli company. The hotel staff helped us immensely. For dinner, we had delicious hummus and falafel on King Feisel Street. And I forgot to mention, yesterday, I was nearly punched in the face by a crazy homeless man. His punch wasn't aimed at me, I just happened to be walking by when he threw it.

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