Sunday, December 30, 2012

New NFL Division Format

The NFL Playoff system is a mess. This year, there thankfully weren't any teams with terrible records making it over teams with better records. But the seeding is still a mess as always.

I propose both conferences have two super divisions of 8 teams apiece. The NFC East would combine with the South and the North would combine with the West. The teams in the former NFC East would play each other twice every year. The teams in the East would play teams in the South once each. The teams in the NFC East would play four teams in the AFC each year on a rotating basis (as they do now). Teams in the NFC East would play two teams from the other NFC super division. The AFC East and North would be in one super division and the South would combine with the West.

The two division winners in each conference would earn byes. There would be four wildcards in each conference.

In the NFC, the playoffs under this new system would like this:

1) Atlanta (13-3), 2) San Francisco (11-4-1)

3) Seattle (11-5) vs. 6) Minnesota (10-6)
4) Green Bay (11-5) vs. 5) Washington (10-6)

1) Denver (13-3), 2) New England (12-4)

3) Houston (12-4) vs. 6) Cincinnati (10-6)
4) Indianapolis (11-5) vs. 5) Baltimore (10-6)

In both conferences, this new system allows Seattle and Indianapolis to have home playoff games that they deserve. This new system is simply more fair than the current one where teams with worse records are awarded home games because of a glitch of in the current format.

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