Sunday, December 16, 2012

Knicks Squeak by Cavs

A masked Kyrie Irving had his career best game with 41 points. The Knicks, though at home, didn't have Carmelo Anthony due to a sprained ankle. The Knicks shot poorly. And yet, New York was able pull out a close contest.

Tyson Chandler had 23 points and 10 points, but that doesn't include all of his back-taps to teammates. Chandler has shot amazingly from the field and this game was no different. He was 9 for 10. Steve Novak nailed four key threes for 13 points.

Raymond Felton tends to think he's a scorer when Anthony is out. He shot a respectable 9 for 20 in this game for 25 points. J.R. Smith also chuck up a lot of shots when Anthony is out. He was 6 for 20 for 16 points.

Jason Kidd did not shoot well, but as usual, he did all the little things. He ended with 8 assists and 2 blocks. Chris Copeland was 4 for 5 for with 11 points in his first start.

This was a close game throughout. The Knicks looked like they would run away with it in the fourth but for the greatness of Irving. Down two in the waning seconds, Anderson Varejao drove and drew a foul. He made the first free throw. But he missed the second and the Knicks grabbed the rebound. That solidified the win, 103-102. The Knicks have won four straight and are 18-5. They're 10-0 at home.

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