Saturday, November 17, 2012

Knicks Suffer First Loss

The Memphis Grizzlies continued their strong play against the Knicks yesterday. But the Knicks hung tough on the road in the first half . In the second half, the Knicks were the victim of a string of bad calls and did not handle the injustices well.

Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton had the best shooting numbers. Both made 50% of their field goals and scored 20 and 18 points respectively. Felton missed all three of his threes. As a team, the Knicks only made 5 of their 19 shots from long distance.

The Grizzlies dominated down low, but the biggest reason for their win was the roll they went on in the third quarter. Memphis won the third 31-18. The Knicks' bigs got into foul trouble int heat period thanks to a string of questionable calls. But the Knicks also focused more of the refs than on the Grizzlies in that stretch. Cynical laughing could be heard from the Knicks' bench.

The Knicks were assessed four technical fouls. More importantly, the turnover battle was close. For the first time this season, the Knicks committed more.

A road loss to one of the best teams in the NBA is nothing with which to be ashamed. The Knicks showed good fight in the fourth. But the unraveling in the third was unexpected from such a veteran team. Memphis won 105-95. The Knicks are 6-1.

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