Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Knicks Fall to Nets

The Kncks did not experience their customary scoring balance in Brooklyn against the Nets last night. Carmelo Anthony had a hot and cold 35 points and Tyson Chandler was a magnet to the basket with 28.

Bricks from the outside, a propensity to over dribble, and a sieve-like defense took the Knicks back to the Mike D'Antoni era. The Knicks had 14 assists and 14 turnovers. The Nets only had 12 turnovers. And while the Nets only grabbed one more offensive rebound than did the Knicks, Brooklyn's boards were more timely.

Despite the Knicks poor play, and the notable absence of Jason Kidd, New York was still in the game. With the score tied, Carmelo Anthony inexplicably shot too early. He should have made sure his shot was the final one in regulation. Instead, he pulled up and clanked a jumper. The Nets rebounded the ball, but moved before timeout was called. Had Carmelo made the basket, the Nets would have had plenty of time to score as they would have moved the ball to the 28-foot line after calling timeout.

In the overtime, the Knicks were flat. Brooklyn took the period 12-5. The Knicks lost 96-89. The team is now 9-4.

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