Saturday, April 07, 2012

Predictions For College Players in the NBA

This is the fifth and likely last year we've done these type of predictions. We are predicting who will have the better pro career, not who will be drafted higher or who will have the better rookie season.

D.J. Cooper, Aaron Craft, Scoop Jardine, Kendall Marshall.
me: Cooper, Craft, Marshall, Jardine.
Ian: Marshall, Craft, Jardine, Cooper.
Mike: Marshall, Craft, Jardine, Cooper.

Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson, Henry Sims, Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller.
me: Davis, Zeller, Robinson, Sims, Sullinger.
Ian: Sullinger, Davis, Robinson, Zeller, Sims.
Mike: Davis, Robinson, Sullinger, Zeller, Sims.

Seth Curry, James Michael McAdoo, Austin Rivers.
me: McAdoo, Rivers, Curry.
Ian: Curry, McAdoo, Rivers.
Mike: Rivers, McAdoo, Curry.

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