Wednesday, February 08, 2012

In Istanbul

I went through some kind of awakening on the plane over here. I thought about the traits that give me reason to feel insecure and it was healing in that I was able to address them and feel more confident afterwards. I think it also finally hit me that my grandpa died 13 years ago. I was less nervous heading into this trip than for past ones, but I still fretted about the small things. But everything went smoothly. There really is no sense in worrying about something that hasn't happened yet.

Alright, enough philosophy. On the plane from DC to NYC, a man was talking to the Irish guy next to him way too loudly. He said, "I'm from Philly, then I moved to California, now I'm in South Carolina, and my wife and mistress are from the Philippines." Everyone around him laughed. The Irish guy replied, "Well, you're sitting next to the right person, I'm a Roman Catholic priest."

On the plane to Istanbul, I watched Moneyball, Hangover number 2, and Million  Dollar Baby and cried during one of them. Getting off the plane, everything was very easy and quite nice. There's an underground area with marble floors that takes you from Ataturk airprt to the Metro. The metro and the tram are clean and quite like a DC metro mourning rushhour ride or a trip to Dachau circa 1943. I got to the hotel with little problem and the room was nice for the price.

Then, I slept until now because I didn't sleep on the plane. The only issue so far, besides my amazing feat of somehow knocking the toilet paper into the toilet, is that I'm currently having a fight with that same toilet. It doesn't want to flush like I think it should. Now it's time to eat and get ready for some exploring tomorrow.

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