Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The 7-11 Debate

I went into a 7-11 that I don't normally visit. I showed my Slurpee cup to get credit for a refill. When it was time to pay, I asked for the 2 hot dogs for $2.29 deal. The clerk said I had misunderstood the deal. he said I had to match, for example, a hot dog with a corn dog.

I asked, "You're saying I can't match two hot dogs?" He said I couldn't. I queried, "Is that just for this 7-11?" He said no, it's for every 7-11. I retorted, "But every other 7-11 has given me 2 hot dogs for $2.29." The clerk relented.

A middle aged Asian man was standing next to me laughing. He told me in astonishment, "That conversation was like a sit-com!" I answered, "My whole life is like that."

I felt I had jewed my way in to getting the hot dogs. That doesn't mean cheating; it means arguing in a logically irrefutable manner regardless of the amount of money in question. Perhaps, 7-11 values a hot dog more than a corn dog, so they don't want me to have two hot dogs. Fine, but then I should be able to get two corn dogs. The clerk stated that the two items had to be different for me to get the deal, which just seems like an unnecessary nuisance. I can't imagine that was the deal they drew up at 7-11 headquarters. And I'm sure the deal is "mix and match", meaning that acquiring two hot dogs should fall well within the confines of the deal offered.

I may have won  the argument and paid only $2.29 for the 2 hot dogs, but, if the night I've had on the toilet so far is any indication, I really lost.

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