Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wizards vs. Bobcats

This was the worst NBA game I've ever seen in person. It was worse than the Blatche near-triple double vs. the nets two years ago that I went to myself. This game had 42 turnovers and 26 (yes, 26!) blocks. Most of the blocks were stupid offensive players throwing the ball into the hands of the defender.

it looked like one of those little kids games they play at halftime where no one gets a shot off for 5 straight possessions until some kid pulls up and airballs a deep three. it was a blowout too. My friend and I were amazed at how the Wizards could have built such a big lead while playing so terribly.

It was a shame for the sport of basketball. Really, I should get my money back it was so poorly played. At one point, my friend and I were trying to determine which was worse, this game or the Holocaust. We finally decided on the Holocaust because so many people died in such a horrific fashion, but one thing the Holocaust has going for it is there were no inflatable mascots dancing.

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