Monday, January 02, 2012

An Odd Rape Statistic

I'm reading Rory Stewart's The Prince of Marshes and on page 10 I came across an officer who was briefing civil servants headed for Iraq that, if they are taken hostage, they will be raped.

The officer says, "Since you will be taken hostage by Arabs it is likely that they will male-rape you. Remember that in seventy-five percent of cases when you are male-raped, you will get an erection or ejaculate."

I'm wondering how they come up with a stat like that?

Is it through scientific male-rape testing of broke college students? Or are released kidnapped male-rape victims telling people that they had an erection or ejaculated while being raped? "Oh my, it was so terrible. I thought I would die at every moment. They took turns pinning me down and raping and humiliating me. It made me very hard until I shot a huge load." Would you admit something like that?

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