Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blame Wizards Fans

The Wizards suck. The reason they suck is very simple. It's the fans fault. Yeah, I said it.

I attend the Wizards game against the Houston Rockets. John Wall had the game of his life, but the rest of the team fell flat. The Wizards took bad shots, made stupid turnovers, and didn't play any defense. When JaVale McGee made his silly dunk off the backboard, I immediately turned to my friend- a Wizards fan- and said, "A winning team would never try a play like that. These guys are a bunch of losers." He nodded his head in pitiful resignation.

I am not a Wizards fan. But I felt so bad, I decided I need to do something. I waited for an appropriate moment, which didn't take long, and booed as loud as I could. I repeated as often as I felt worthy. A few Wizards fans joined, but I couldn't start a wave of boos. Not even my friend would boo. Wizards fans just refuse to boo their team. They are satisfied with failure.

I am a Knicks fan. If the team doesn't give their best effort, they get booed. If they consistently get booed, management makes changes. Wizards fans need to learn how to boo. It's the only way things will change for your incredibly embarrassing franchise.

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