Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh, the Irony

I stopped at a stop sign. I was looking to make a right turn as it was the end of the road. I looked left and began to drive. Out of nowhere, a middle aged white man on a bicycle runs the stop sign and darts out into the middle of the road. I quickly shifted my car into the second lane from the right as to not hit him.

I drive to the right light and stop. The man on the bicycle rides past me on my left an, looks back, and mutters something at me. I scream out of my ope window, "I had the right of way!" The man turns around and peddles back towards me.

"I had the right of way!" I scream again. "How do you figure?" he asks. "I was there first." Then he makes up something about driving lines. I tell him, "Listen, if you're on the road, you have to follow the rules. I was there first. I had the right away. You had to get behind me." He repeats some shit about driving lines.

He peddles off into the left turn lane. The light turns green and I drive by him yelling, "You have to follow the rules! You have to follow the rules!"

I pass the intersection and look down and realize I'm wearing my Curb Your Enthusiasm shirt.

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