Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-Il is Dead

This has been a momentous year in terms of deaths for America's enemies. Gaddafi, bin Laden, and now Kim have all perished in 2011. Many Americans rejoice at the news of these men's deaths. I ask myself, "Why?"

All human life is sacred. That is an essential truth that neither Gaddafi, bin Laden, nor Kim understood or acknowledged. That doesn't excuse us from remembering it. Though these men were responsible for much misery in the world, they were valuable because they were human.

Another aspect we Americans also miss is that Gaddafi, bin Laden, and Kim do not hold a monopoly on murder. Leaders all over the world, including in those in the United States, are also responsible for the loss of innumerable lives.

We celebrate when death happens to a so-called enemy and mourn when someone on our side dies. Whether or not the deceased person is a murderer doesn't determine if we mourn or celebrate. The question is: did they kill the right people? We must move past this and condemn all killing while celebrating all life.

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