Saturday, October 22, 2011

The World Series So Far

Ron Washington has been out-managed by Tony La Russa so far. Twice, La Russa forced Washington's hand and both time the Cardinals came away with the lead.

Washington normally doesn't have to worry about what either team will do with the pitcher's spot, because for some inexplicable reason, the American League has a DH (longevity does not make it legitimate or logical).

In Game 1, La Russa bluffed by putting Carpenter in the on deck circle. As a result, Washington had his starter, Wilson, pitch around Punto. Wilson lost his control as a result. La Russa pulled Carpenter back and put up Craig. Washington felt he had to make a pitching move and Craig got the go-ahead RBI.

In Game 2, La Russa made the first move and sent up Craig for Garcia, who had pitched 7 scoreless innings. But the was St. Louis's only real chance to score. Despite the fact that Lewis had given up zero runs and four hits, Washington pulled him and brought in Ogando, who had given up the hit to Craig in Game 1. Pulling Lewis just because La Russa put in a pinch hitter made no sense. Bringing in the same guy who gave up the winning hit to the same hitter was stupid.

But Washington got away with it because his guys got a couple hits in the ninth and Pujols made that error. I don't think Washington is a bad manager. His ability to make decisions surrounding the pitcher's spot has atrophied because he doesn't normally have to do it. American League managers are by definition less capable than NL managers.

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