Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Bills are 3-1

This was a tough loss to swallow. The Bills were up 17-3 over the Bengals at halftime. The Bills had finished the deal against KC in week 1 and, of course, had two thrilling second half comebacks the last two weeks.

But credit needs to be given to the Bengals, who paid us back for the Bills comeback last season. They have a really good defense that held the Bills offense in check for the first time all season. The Bengals have a good running game and Dalton- though inexperienced- is surely no bum. The Bengals have finally transformed into a Marvin Lewis specialty after all those years of being pass-happy with Palmer and Ocho.

With the game tied at 20, Dalton scrambled and game up short of the line to gain, making it fourth down. It did appear that the refs spotted the ball a little short of where Dalton had stretched the ball. But, upon review, the refs moved the ball way too far, over the yard mark, whereas the ball didn't reach the yard mark before his butt hit out of bounds. The Begals were awarded the first down and went on to kick the winning field goal.

It's hard to win on the road in the NFL and the Bengals are not a bad team. Still, when a good team is up by two TDs at the half, you'd like to come away with that win.

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