Friday, September 16, 2011

Mayweather-Ortiz Preview

The thought is that Victor Ortiz has a shot to win against Floyd Mayweather because Ortiz is young, strong, and a southpaw. Mayweather hasn't faced anyone with two of those components in years, let alone all three. Mayweather is also stepping into the ring for the first time since May 2010 and he's 34 years old. Ortiz is 24. The theory goes that Mayweather, who relies on his reflexes, has to get old sometime and this could be it.

It's an interesting line of reasoning. Perhaps Ortiz's left-handed stance will throw off Mayweather, but that is his only chance. Sure, Ortiz has power, but is he going to find the target? I doubt it.

Mayweather is just a cut above Ortiz. Ortiz's win against Andre Berto, in a hard fought contest, was a big step for him. But Mayweather is on another level. His defense is light years ahead of the easily-hit Berto.

Ortiz is easy to hit as well. Mayweather's accuracy is incredible. That is not a good recipe for Ortiz. Ortiz is extremely mentally tough out of the ring. But in the ring, there are questions. His quitting in the Marcos Maidana fight has been well-documented. He redeemed himself to a degree, rising from the floor to win against Berto. But how will Ortiz react when he realizes he can't touch up Mayweather and he's receiving pot shots in return?

Mayweather is not willing to take the risks that would result in a KO. But I see an easy and uneventful unanimous decision win by a wide margin for Mayweather. Ortiz is a good up-and-coming fighter, but Mayweather is one of the two best fighters in the sport.

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