Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things that Need to Change in Baseball

Here is an abbreviated list of things that need to change in baseball. Though Bud Selig may not be directly responsible for everything on this list, rest assured, he is some how to blame.

  • Pitchers need to go deeper into games. All of these pitching changes, it takes forever. And it works probably about 50% of the time, which means leaving the starter in would work just as often. Plus, we now have an army of weak-willed, weak-minded, and weak-armed, starting pitchers roaming our nation's mounds.

  • I hate the unwritten rules that involve not trying as hard to win (eg. stealing when you're way ahead or behind or bunting to break up a no hitter). You play to win the game! And the thing about baseball, unlike basketball or football, there is no clock. Even if you're down 20 in the bottom of the ninth, you still have a chance to win. Teams should always play all out.

  • The three division per league, wild card set up hurts the game. I loved when baseball had only four playoff teams. Making the playoffs meant more. Pennant races were more exciting. Now we only get a pennant race for the NL Central or the Wild Card. Mediocre teams make the playoffs. Think, the 1993 NL West race, where the Giants finished in second with 103 wins, will never happen again. The Giants would just get the Wild Card and there would have been no drama. So much for high-level intense September baseball.

  • The winner of the All Star Game should not get home field advantage. Perhaps the stupidest rule ever imagined in sport. Dumber than the shoot 3 to make 2 free throw rule. If the All Star Game determines home field, which it shouldn't, it shouldn't be played like an exhibition game with each team having 40 players on the roster. Each team should have a 25 player roster and the World Series team with the best record should get home field advantage.

  • The DH should be abolished. Baseball has 9 players. If you pinch hit for a player, that player is done for the game. Unless, you're in the American League. The DH should only be used in the All Star Game. Maybe the Western Conference of the NBA should allow 6 players on the court at one time.

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