Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ron Paul Won't Get My Vote

I will never vote for Ron Paul. I agree with his foreign policy in terms of bringing home the troops from our numerous costly and destructive wars. I agree with his assessment that Iran is not a genuine threat; instead it is a boogieman used to justify an agressive foreign policy in the region.

I happen to disagree with his opinion that government is inheritently evil and an entity to be limited at all cost. Surely inefficient bureacracy can be wasteful and a hyper-partisan climate in government can halt progress, but government by itself is neither negative nor positive. But that is not why I would never vote for Ron Paul.

I will never vote for Ron Paul because I hear he has a screen on his front door of his house. I disdain anyone who has a screen on their front door. Back door is alright.

But what is the purpose of a front screen door? If you keep the door open and just have the screen closed, then anyone on the street can look in your house! So you wouldn't do that. In which case, the screen door is nothing more than an annoying obstruction that serves no function. Anyone who would have such a devise is clearly an idiot and cannot be trusted to run the country.

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