Sunday, June 12, 2011

Staving off Depression

Whenever I feel things are getting bleak and I'm teetering on the line of depression, I perform a mad scrabble of depression-deflecting activities. Fortunately, for me, these activities do not including drinking copious (word of the week) amounts of alcohol or beating hookers to death and then having sex with their corpses.

Instead, I watch clips of comedians I enjoy like Jerry Seinfeld. I try to watch funny shows. I drink Slurpees and eat candy. I exercise. I watch sports and try to make plans with friends for the near future. It's best not to look forward to events, but when I'm in this state, I'm not strong enough to live in the moment. I also try to read and write.

I do not think about all I have going for me, because then I feel bad that I feel bad even when I have so much going for me. See the trap there? So, we'll see what happens. But if you see a lot of violent and hateful posts coming up, you'll know what happened. Everything's back to normal.

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