Thursday, June 23, 2011

Craigslist Missed Connection

A Passing Glance - w4m - 25 (Bethesda)

I've never done this before. I saw you on the metro, the red line, indicative of the heat between us. Or was I just imagining? You were wearing a faded white t-shirt and jeans with a hole in the knee, sitting in all your hirsute glory. I was wearing a pink tanktop. You smiled at me, looked away, and then returned to your scowl. Oh, to get inside you mind and listen to your thoughts. They must be so tortured. I'm sure just need someone there to listen. I want to be that person. I know I can bring you sunshine. Please, I know there's not much chance that you'll see this, but, if you do, know that I will be there for you.

Women are funny. After downing four dollar dogs, I was just feeling gassy.

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