Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where is Doug Fischer?

Respected writer for the Ring Magazine, Doug Fischer, scored last Saturday's Mosley-Mora contest 9 rounds to 3 in favor of Sergio Mora. As Fischer wrote, "[M]ost observers believed Mosley won the fight by varying scores." Personally, I agreed with Fischer's broadcast partner Dave von Tempo's scorecard of 7-5 in favor of Mora. I was fine with the ultimate result, a split draw.

People make mistakes and perhaps Fischer was too enthralled with Mora's defensive ability, which made Mosley look ordinary offensively. But just because Mosley looked ordinary, of course, doesn't mean he didn't still win rounds. Fischer may have subconsciously been upset that Mosley recently lost badly to his least favorite boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

But Fischer hasn't answered to his askew scorecard, which, honestly, has been a little disappointing. He has only put his name on one article for the Ring this week, a marked decrease from the norm. That article was a Ring ratings update posted today, hardly the arena to reference his out-of-whack scorecard. His weekly Monday Mailbag would have been that right place, but that was conspicuously absent this week.

Whether Fischer went back to the tape and saw that he was wrong or still holds that Mora won handily, I'm interested in what happened. I'm sure he received many a crude email from an uneducated hyper-emotional boxing fan, which may have soured his willingness to answer to the critics. But I'm genuinely curious about his thoughts on his scorecard when everyone else saw the fight differently.

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