Friday, September 10, 2010

Mosque/Gap Offensive

It is disrespectful that white people are allowed to roam around the Oklahoma City Federal Building after a terrorist, who was a white man, blew it up 15 years ago. There should be no (white) churches nearby, no Waffle Houses, no Gaps, no Cracker Barrels, no places in which white people frequent so close to such an awful tragedy that was their responsibility.

The Federal Building was blown up because this man, Tim McVeigh, had a corrupt and radical view of what it means to be white. Then we are going to allow other white people to pray near where this horror took place? It just seems offensive.

For the above reasons, I also believe that putting a mosque four blocks away from the former sight of the Twin Towers is offensive. Some may argue that white people were also victimized in the Oklahoma City bombing, so it's wrong to deprive them of the right to pray near the building. Well, Muslims were also victimized in the attacks of September 11, but you don't hear anyone making that point.

Some may argue that the white people now near the Oklahoma City Bombing sight had nothing to do with Tim McVeigh. They don't espouse McVeigh's neo-nazi outlook, so why should they be punished? But the same could be said for Muslims near the where the World Trade Center stood with regards to al Qaeda, so it's not a valid point.

As you can see, I totally respect the victims of both tragedies. To honor them, I say no mosque near the World Trade Center and no white people near the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

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