Monday, September 06, 2010

The Heavyweight Picture

We can muster something out of this heavyweight mess yet. I was reading about how low the heavyweight division had fallen 15 years ago. Oh, if they could see things now, they would appreciate what they had.

Alexander Povetkin, David Haye, and Tomasz Adamek are probably the three most skillful big men without the surname of Klitschko right now. I would love to see them fight in some kind of round robin fashion. In boxing, you only get better by facing tough competition. Each of these guys needs more seasoning before being able to challenge a Klitschko.

At some point, Wlad should join the round robin contest. The four of these guys should fight each other until other talented opponents can enter the picture. Let Vitali beat up on the Chris Arreolas of the world until he retires.

Initially, the losers would fear that they've blown their chance at facing Wladimir Klitschko, but, as we've learned from the Super Six, one loss isn't the end and, often, can make the loser better. If the best keep fighting the best, they'll continue to get better. Fans will be turned on. Each fighter will make more money. Enough of this one shot and done garbage. We can salvage this yet.

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