Monday, July 19, 2010

Studying Sarah Palin

I have to admit. I'm fascinated by the way Sarah Palin talks. To some degree, I can relate. I'm far from the most eloquent talking guy. I find myself searching for words that I think sound smart and fit in my sentences. Often times, I get lucky. Sometimes, I'm wrong.

Sarah Palin suffers from the same speaking issues that I do. Recently, she said Muslims should refudiate the proposed mosque planned for the former site of the twin towers. Refudiate, of course, is not a word. She then attempted to clarify by substituting in the word refute, which is a real word, but wasn't the one she was looking for. Repudiate probably would've worked better in that particular situation. Why Muslims should refudiate, refute, or reputiate the proposed mosque, I have no idea.

More than her making up words, I'm fascinated by her ability to throw phrases together in a sentence like a chef does vegetables in a gumbo. And just like that gumbo, you're often left with little idea of what you just digested. I'd love to follow Sarah Palin around (not in a creepy way (well, maybe just a little creepy)), and study her speech patterns. I'd love to study her mind. I want to know why she chooses a particular word when a far more obvious choice exists.

And yes, this is what I think about all day.

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