Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kagan's "Wise Latina" Moment

Elena Kagan's "Wise Latina" moment has been uncovered. It is being reported that Kagan once said that "Jewish women are naturally better judges than white men... We have an innate ability to critique and criticize."

The Republicans have been quick to condemn her as anti-gentile. Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham questioned, "If she hates white men so much, how can she possibly judge fairly in cases involving them?" Fox News talking head, Sean Hannity thought that was a good point, saying, "Good point."

This quote, made at her niece's bat mitzvah 23 years ago, will probably end Kagan's chances at becoming a Supreme Court Justice and continuing as a contributing member of society. If only she had put a pube on some lady's Coke can, she would've been fine.

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