Sunday, April 04, 2010


This may have been the worst NBA game of all time. The 2009-2010 season's bloopers could be filled just from this game alone. The coup de grace was Andray Blatche throwing a hissy fit after Cartier Martin stole a missed jumper and in the process, Blatche's triple double attempt.

Blatche, who had double digit assists only because New Jersey refuses to guard the opponent when they're anywhere near the basket, started jumping up and down, flailing his arms. To Martin's credit, he theatrically pounded his head, quickly realizing his 'mistake.' Martin tried to apologize, but Blatche wouldn't hear of it. With time running out, Blatche even raced to the basket, presumably hoping to grab his own intentional miss. Thankfully, that never came about.

I was greeted outside the arena by a guy screaming about Jesus on a bullhorn. In the metro, the guy sitting directly behind me must have just been dumped. A clue came in the form of the lyrics of the song he was bellowing. At least, it's not like we were the only two people in the metro car.

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