Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ironically Pompous

This guy, who was analyzing the performances of boxing announcers, apparently has a wall of shame entitled "People I hate for being unexplainably and unjustifiably pompous" complete with framed photos of said people. It's all pretty ironic because having a wall of shame for people who are "unexplainably and unjustifiably pompous" is, by definition, unexplainably and unjustifiably pompous.

One additional aspect that irked me about the wall was the inclusion of SportsCenter anchor Brian Kenny. To me, Kenny's public personality seems about as opposite from pompous as you can get. It's more like he can't believe what great fortune he has incurred to have such a great job. He comes across as quite humble, occasionally deviating by dropping in an opinion, which is usually sensible. As far as Brian Kenny is concerned, I think this guy has got it dead wrong. But maybe he knows Brian Kenny personally or something. Then, I digress.

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