Thursday, April 22, 2010

The End of Poland?

I was confronted by a 4th grader who was freaking out about Poland potentially losing its sovereignty once again in the wake of the plane crash that killed the president among other government officials. The student, who isn't even Polish (he's Korean), wasn't comforted by the upcoming special election that would bring legitimacy to the winner.

I told him that, in the mean time, they got Bronislaw Komorowski as the acting president and the late president's twin brother, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, could just pretend to be the president like nothing happened. The 4th grader’s response was, "So one guy is pretending and the other one is acting? How does that help anything?"

The student was clearly not impressed with Komorowski, as he just kept shouting, "So they've got some random Pole as acting president and that's suppose to make things better?" I attempted to convey that no other country would take over Poland as they still had a military and there is a global system to prevent such an occurrence (unless the U.S. wanted to invade). None of it worked. He was convinced Poland would cease to be. If the EU has anything to do with it, he just might be right.

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