Sunday, January 10, 2010

Twenty Seven

Twenty Ten will be the last year that I'm ever 27. I can't figure out if that's deep or inane.


Dear Mom,
First let me just apologize
For the foolish lies and all the times that you've cried,
For the times that I said things I really didn't mean.
Basically for my entire existence as a teen.
It's been 27 years since my birth here on the planet
And I know that at times you think I've taken you for granted,
And granted, at times, I don't show my appreciation
But know, everyday I give thanks for my relationship with you
Even the times that I've bitched at you for nagging me,
I know that there's only love behind it
Like the time freshmen year that I came home in tears
As you whispered those words that helped to lessen my fears

- Kimani of the Masterminds "2 Moms"

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