Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Commish

The key to running a successful fantasy sports league as a commissioner is to give your owners the illusion that they have a say in the league's decisions. Then just do whatever you were going to do in the first place. Occasionally, you may need to have an owner or two argue your side for you. Don't rely on that too often. It's better to throw in a few choices that will obviously go your way, so when you have to make a move against popular opinion, you have some built up clout.

As great as I am at running fantasy sports leagues with disparate owners and yet, very little turnover, I'm struggling in the Twenty Ten fantasy basketball season, despite having Kobe and Carmelo. I'm tied for 8th in a 12 team league, or tied for 3rd to last if you're Jewish. Last season I was able to piece together a playoff berth after losing 4 of my top 5 players in a week while wallowing in 9th place. I'm using to the same strategy now, let's see if it works.

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